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Thank you for participating in the Lift for Opportunity!

Please download and complete the standard FIT Release Form and your LIFT Pledge Sheet.

LIFT Pledge Sheet FIT Release Form


To help you with earning pledges from friends, coworkers and family, you can start with the sample email letter below:



I will be participating in the Opportunity 34 Foundation’s “LIFT for OPPORTUNITY” on Saturday, May 9, from noon to 2pm at FIT Fitchburg.

This is a fund raiser for the Opportunity 34 Foundation which is a non-profit organization that grants two to four year scholarships to local high school seniors and tech school enrollees who have shown perseverance, passion and purpose when faced with challenges.

The foundation continues the legacy of Will Kellerman, who never gave up on pursuing his passions until his life was cut short in a tragic car accident at the age of 21. I hope you will consider sponsoring me with either a fixed donation or a per-pound pledge with an amount for every pound I lift.

I am planning to participate in deadlift, squat, and bench with a target lift goal of 3,000 lbs total. You can reply directly to this email with your pledge, or pledge a fixed amount by going to

Thank you so much for your support!